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Common Tree Problems


Girdled tree rootsGirdled Roots:

Girdled roots are tree roots that cross over one other, similar to crossing branches.

At the base of a tree the roots should fan out in all directions and the tree's trunk should widen. Commonly called the “root flare”. Lack of such a root flare is an indication that girdled roots could be a problem.

If a tree root twists back and crosses over other roots, it will strangle these tree roots as the tree grows. This will weaken the anchoring of this tree, and ultimately the nutrient delivering capacity of the tree's root system. If the crossed roots are corrected early, the tree can be saved and continue growth to its maturity.

Double Tree StemsDouble Stems:

Double stemming of tree's is the leading cause of tree failure.

The danger is obviously in the union of the two stems. The stems will thicken into each other, wedging themselves apart until one or both tree's stems fail.

Many large trees will have multiple stems that would require several prunings over several years to effectively correct this problem. Professional advice is key to the tree's longevity.

Rubbing Tree BranchesRubbing Branches:

Crossing and rubbing tree branches is a very common problem. If the tree is pruned when the tree is young it is a small and easy task. Pruning is necessary to eliminate the physical contact point between the branches. Otherwise tree bark will become damaged, vulnerable to disease, and the branch will die.

Tree Storm DamageStorm Damage

After severe or ice storms, trees can be forced into positions that are very dangerous to deal with. A fallen tree on the ground can appear safe to cut but can be under intense tension, ready to spring and potentially cause further damage to people and/or property. If you have a tree which has been damaged in a storm, call Berts Tree Service to remove immediate hazards.


Compacted Soil Tree HazardCompacted Soil

Soil around a tree can be compacted due to cars parked under trees, heavy construction equipment, or even foot traffic to name only a few potential causes. Deeply aerating tree root systems can assist in loosening the soil around a tree to allow water and nutrients to properly flow to the tree's roots.

Trees Near Utility LinesTrees Near Wires

Tree branches tangled in or near utility wires require special caution. Every situation involving utility line's requires careful assessment and planning of clearance, as well as ensuring the proper safety measures are in place.  Depending on the situation, we can advise you of your next step and whether you should be calling the city, hydro or other authority.


Diseased Trees

Unfortunately, eventually trees will become weakened due to age, root disturbance, physical injury to the tree, and many other reasons. When your tree is in decline it's weakened state will literally send a signal to alert insects to its failing condition. They respond by infecting the tree, thereby speeding up the decline and contributing to a inevitably hazardous condition. It's always important to be mindful of¬†neighboring trees of the same species that may also have potential to become infected. For this reason, it is essential to quickly remove the tree and any of the felled tree’s wood.

A professional assessment is needed to determine the rate of the tree's decline in order to decide if pruning is an option or if full tree removal is required.

Have Tree Problems?

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