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Were you aware that regular tree services like pruning and maintaining your tree's is a lot more cost effective than simply neglecting them? Studies published in the Journal of Arboriculture have shown that it is in fact less costly to regularly prune your trees rather than cleaning up any resulting damage!

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Kingston Tree TrimmingThere are of course many reasons to prune your trees. A properly trimmed tree promotes a good branch structure, improves overall tree health through removing of dead, diseased, stubbed, and dying branches. Plus, as mentioned above it reduces potential hazards.

It's no surprise that trees that aren't pruned properly can get to be a nuisance. Untrimmed tree's can obstruct driveway and pathway areas, fill gutters with fallen leaves, block light from coming through windows and skylights, create noise, and hang over neighbor's properties. Worse yet, un-trimmed trees can potentially come into contact with utility wiring and cabling. In addition loose branches caused by heavy storm systems, wind and/or ice are downright hazardous.

Tree pruning or trimming can:

  • increase natural sunlight to your garden and windows
  • improve the overall aesthetics of the tree
  • lengthen the life of the tree
  • reduce the tree's height
  • encourage new healthy growth
  • remove dead or storm damaged branches that can present a risk

Bert's Tree Service will evaluate your tree's current condition, structure, age, and location to prepare a tree trimming plan to meet your needs. Our objective in all of our tree service projects is to complete the job safely, efficiently, and as clean as possible providing minimal impact to the property.

Kingston Tree TrimmingWhen to Prune Your Trees

Routine pruning and trimming to remove diseased, weak, or dead tree limbs can be done at any point during the year with very little negative impact on the tree. However, growth is maximized and tree wound recovery is fastest if the pruning is done before the spring growth. There are some tree species like maples and birches, that have a tendency to "bleed" if pruning is done in the early spring. This can be a bit unsightly, but is of no harm to the tree. Several tree diseases such as "oak wilt" can potentially spread when the pruned wounds allow the spores access into the tree system. These trees should not be trimmed during the active transmission periods. Also any heavy trimming immediately following the spring growth should also be avoided. This is when trees have just expelled a lot of energy to produce new foliage and shoot growth. Removing an excessive amount of foliage during this time can put stress on the tree.

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