Kingston Stump Grinding

Kingston Stump Grinding Service

Have A Tree stump in your yard?
Whether you've had a tree removed, or just have an old bothersome stump on your property, Berts Tree Service can remove it!

Using Berts Tree Service for your Kingston stump grinding is more cost effective and a less invasive alternative to having your stumps excavated using heavy equipment. Stump grinding is not only faster, but also leaves your soil intact and give you the option of recycling the resulting mulch to use elsewhere on your landscape. Removing stumps from your property gives you the best results in restoration of your properties landscape as you can re-grass or plant new trees, flowers/shrubs/gardens where your stump used to be. 

How does stump removal work?

Stump grinding basically works in the same way as it sounds.  The stump grinder is a compact machine with a high-speed rotary disk that holds specially designed teeth to grind the stump away.

When finished with your stump grinding, the stump is reduced to mulch that can be dispersed, composted or utalized in other landscape applications and of course, you'll be minus a stump.

Grinding is better than other options

Though there are several different ways of getting rid of a bothersome stump which can include heavy machinery or chemical treatment to speed up the natural decay of the stump. Such chemicals and equipment can be destructive to your lawn (and the environment) and at the end of the day are still much slower and costly than simply grinding the stump.

Kingston Stump Grinding And Removal Services

Call us today for a free estimate. We will send out an experienced Kingston tree service expert to inspect your property with you. We can navigate our grinders around most any landscape with minimal interruption. This, along with our commitment to excellent customer services, makes Berts Tree Service the best choice to meet your Kingston stump grinding needs.

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